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Events can range from on-to-one personal training sessions, spin classes, through to online personal training and video chat sessions.

Whatever you need, whoever you need to invite, creating a new event will let your clients know what’s going on.

When logged in to your dashboard you will see a navigation menu on the left hand side of the page.

Click the “Calendar” icon and text to access the Calendar page.

Calendar navigation

By default, the calendar will display the current month.

Click on the date you want to create an event on and select “New event” from the pop up that appears.

Create new event


Under the Details tab you can give your event a title and description and choose the start and end time.

You can also choose whether the event is Public, Private, or Online using the drop down box.

Event details


Set the attendance capacity for your event, and invite clients or groups of clients.

Event attendees


Set the location for your event.

Event location

When done, click “Submit” to create your event.

If you’ve invited clients they will be able to see this event in their calendar.

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