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75% off for 6 months

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75% off for 6 months

Get started with a huge discount for six months.

Lifetime discount

Enjoy a 25% lifetime discount after six months.

Money back guarantee

If you’re not happy we’ll give you your money back.


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Discover how TrainerSync can help you

Make more money

Add online training and meal plans to your personal training services and watch your client satisfaction and your revenue sky rocket.

Save more time

Life’s too short to waste time on boring tasks. Streamline your admin, and focus on what’s important – growing your business and getting a good night’s sleep.

Waste less energy

Let your clients take care of themselves. Build custom workout plans, set homework, and sit back while your clients record the results and keep track their own progress.

Spend less time on boring, repeatable tasks

TrainerSync streamlines boring administrative tasks so you can focus on what’s important to you:

Growing your business

Enjoying an extra long coffee in the morning

Getting home before rush hour

Train more clients with online personal training

Personal training takes time, effort, and you only get paid for the hours you spend with a client. Eventually you run out of time and revenue plateaus.

Offer online personal training as an add-on to your in-person clients to keep them on target when you’re not around, and increase your revenue at the same time.

Get started for free

Run your business from anywhere

Log in to TrainerSync from any Mac, PC, tablet or smartphone. Total control of your business is at your fingertips.

Clients get the same great access, too! No more notepads at the gym, no more emailing spreadsheets, and no more late night text messages!

The complete fitness business package

Track Progress

Track everything from body fat percentage to individual body part measurements and view the progress in both table and chart formats.

Manage Clients

Contact names, numbers, addresses, all wrapped up in individual profiles for each of your clients.

Create Meal Plans

Plan meals in advance, copy existing meals or simply have your clients record what they’ve eaten. You can even set macronutrient goals.

Book Sessions

Stay on top of your appointments, manage your schedule and book new sessions with clients.

Record Workouts

Pick and choose your favourite section from each workout so you don’t have to start from scratch with each new workout you build.

Client Login

All of your clients get their own login for updating data, booking sessions and recording workouts.

Get started with a 30 day free trial Go Go Go

What’s the deal?

We’re committed to creating the best software for personal trainers and their clients.

To do that, want to make a deal with you:

When you sign up for our super special six month discount we want to have regular chats with you. Once a month we’ll send you a short survey to see how you’re getting on with the software – what do you like, what don’t you like? What would you change, what do you think of the changes we’ve made?

On top of that, we want to interview you every one to two months. Understanding how you work as a personal trainer is an important part of our development process.

Your feedback will help us focus on improving the right things.

75% off for 6 months

For the first six months of your membership, you’ll have access to all of TrainerSync’s features for just $12.25 a month, or roughly £10. That’s 75% off the normal price of $49 a month.

Lifetime discount

After that, you’ll enjoy a 25% lifetime discount as a token of our thanks for helping us improve the platform.

Money back guarantee

It’s early days for TrainerSync, and we’re constantly improving the software.  If you’re not happy with the platform at the end of six months then we’ll give you 100% of your money back. No arguments.

The small print

If at any point you no longer wish to participate in this partnership, or don’t want to answer our monthly surveys or phone calls we reserve the right to downgrade or cancel your account and remove any exclusive perks and discounts that were originally offered.

While we want to help everyone succeed in the fitness industry, we have to focus on our friends. And friends help each other out.

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