What is TrainerSync?

TrainerSync is a business management platform for personal trainers, private gyms and their clients.

We’ve done away with spreadsheets and notepads and built a system that better connects us with our personal training clients. Using the online workout builder, progress tracking and meal planning will save you time and resources, freeing you up to focus on what you love the most: training and motivating your clients.

Whether you train clients one-on-one, in groups, or specialise in online personal training, TrainerSync can help you run a more efficient fitness business.

Get started with a free trial and try out the platform for yourself.

TrainerSync Desktop

How much does it cost?

TrainerSync costs $49 a month for personal trainers.

That’s less than a 60 minute session with one client.

Do my clients have to pay?

No – TrainerSync is free for all clients.

I train a lot of clients, do I have to pay more?

No – We don’t punish you for being successful.

TrainerSync has one price, whether you train 1 client, or 100.

What’s a “founder member“?

If you sign up for an account during our beta phase, you will become a Founder Member.

That means half price TrainerSync for the duration of your stay. If you close your account then you’ll revert back to a standard membership if you sign up again.

Founder Members might also get special treatment from time to time. We’re not sure what yet, but we want to thank you for helping us in these early stages.

I’ve got a friend who might like TrainerSync

And we’ll give you a unique referral code so you can invite them. If they sign up using it, you’ll get a discount on your subscription.

If you’ve got a few friends we might even end up paying you! Who knows?

For more on our Affiliate Programme click here.