This week we’re keeping it light. No reading, all videos! And we have some excellent videos to share, with some great information on warm ups, core work, nutrition as medicine and home gyms, as well as some interesting facts about fitness.

This first video has been around a long time on youtube. Back in 2009, Dutch Lowy took us through what I imagine is a pretty standard part of his warm up. I liked it so much that I integrated several of the moves into my general warms ups with clients and, whenever anyone asked me for generic fitness advice for someone not totally new to training, this video was very often part of my response on things to try out as part of your warm up. Nothing wrong with giving this to beginners as well but always keep in mind your target audience.

You can watch Dutch do his thing here.

Jeff Cavaliere knows getting ripped and knows his core work. And he hates planks! Well, I’m also not so keen – honestly, when you can do a few sets of a minute each, which is really relatively easy, what’s the point? So here Jeff goes through a few tweaks to your core work to make things more challenging, and help get you and your clients the results you want.

You can watch the video here.

Back in 2011, Dr Terry Wahls shared her remarkable journey with TEDx, doing her utmost to fight her Multiple Sclerosis using nutrition as a primary tool to help mend her body and get out of her wheelchair.

This talk is so inspiring to those suffering from MS that Dr Wahls has moved from being vilified by the MS medical establishment (change is scary, right? Ask those who spend their lives defending the status quo) to being asked to be involved in a major way as, in just a few short years, more people with MS search online in the US for her protocols than they do for nutrition advice using the perceived wisdom of the medical establishment. A truly excellent scientist with a lot of amazing stuff to come.

You can watch her talk here.

Kelly recorded this short video for Tim Ferris and talks through his home gym, his equipment and how he uses each of the exercises spaces with family and friends. Funnily enough, he has more fitness stuff than the average guy! Clearly a man who practices what he preaches. I don’t know about you but I love seeing this sort of stuff.

Watch Kelly show you around here.

Mental Floss kicks off their 5th season with a list of 25 facts about fitness. There’s some interesting stuff in there, some of which you can take away and use with clients or on your business. And a fair bit of fluff, but it’s a fun few minutes.

You can watch the video here.