It looks like it’s going to get cold this winter. Really cold! So this week we want to share a little information on cold weather training and nutrition so you’re ready when the time comes. And stats. Everyone loves stats.

Justin from 70s Big takes us through some entirely reasonable and responsible suggestions for how to approach cold weather training.

You can find it here.

Jedd Johnson of Diesel Crew writes about some of the benefits of cold weather training and goes through an example of his own cold weather work.

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Ross has written about cold weather training several times. There’s some great advice from the post we’ve linked to about how to go about training in the great outdoors and we also particularly enjoyed this second post specifically discussing lifting in the cold, so included that one as well.

You can find Training in the Cold here and Lifting in the Cold here.

Easy nutrition in the cold. There’s a lot of great stuff to eat that’s particularly suited to cold weather and a hearty soup is right up near the top of the list. Here’s Shannon Clark of with four recipes that’ll help keep you full, fit and healthy.

You can find the recipes here!

Finally, we’re linking to some Gym Membership statistics in the USA. Why? Because we should all know more about the market we work in and these numbers give you a real idea of what’s going on. My favourite stat? The percentage of people who never use their gym membership. Having a gym membership is not health insurance when you’re never using it!

Here are the statistics.