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challenge client motivation

3 simple challenge ideas to keep your clients motivated

By Online Personal Training, Personal Training

Everyone has bad days. Everyone gets lazy. So how do you keep you clients motivated when all the really want to do is watch TV?

Setting short to mid term challenges can be a great way to keep your clients focussed on their ultimate goal, without being discouraged along the way.

Clients typically hire trainers for one of two reasons:

1. Decrease body fat
2. Increase muscle mass

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add value client training sessions

3 reasons to add value between client training sessions

By Personal Training

As a personal trainer you typically see your clients between one and four times a week, depending on the plan you’ve designed for them, or time and cost considerations. And that’s fine. You can get a lot done in that time and your clients can make a lot of progress.

But there’s so much more time in a week that you could be taking advantage of, whether you see a client or not.

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Working with Beginners

By Stuff We Like

As trainers, many of you will be spending a fair bit of time with people that are, in some way or another, beginners. And we know some of you are beginners yourselves when it comes to training people!

Here’s a series of posts to help with considering their problems, building appropriate programs, concentrating on muscle building, fixing mistakes early on, and things to consider for your own career.

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lonely bread on a plate

Intermittent Fasting, Ketogenic Diets, Carbs, Blood Sugar Lies & Poop!

By Stuff We Like

I don’t know about you guys but nutrition was a big part of the work I did with clients, and it’s all part of a picture that’s a lot more complicated than being told to “eat less” (and move more!).

So this week we’re sharing a comment on an intermittent fasting study, an introduction to ketogenic diets, a detailed look at carbohydrates, whether blood glucose levels affect satiety and hunger and, everyone’s favourite, poop ????!

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Strong squat

Habit forming, Best of 2016 and Lessons Learned Getting Strong

By Stuff We Like

I don’t know about you, but 2017 felt like it was going to take an age to arrive. And now that we’re back, all of a sudden we’re half way through January and already the gyms are starting to empty out of some of those who made their new year resolutions to get fit and decided perhaps it can wait a while longer.

Not so for your clients I hope!

We start of this New Year with a post on daily exercise habit forming, a round-up of some of the Best of 2016 posts from a couple of well known fitness writers.

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