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Diabetes, group training and raising your VO2 max

By Stuff We Like

Welcome to the end of another week and another Stuff We Like post! It’s already Valentine’s Day weekend (I’m not sure I like how a day becomes a weekend, but there you go), so most of you beautiful people will no doubt have plans. For the record, I’m thinking an excellent Sunday lunch followed by watching Deadpool feels like the right plan this year, whether alone or with your significant other.

For when you’re not busy with fun and romance, we have five entries this week for you to read, covering increasing your fitness levels and why you probably should do, assessing clients in group settings, a straightforward guide to diabetes, a comprehensive glossary of strength and conditioning terms and why you’re probably not growing muscle.

Until next week!

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Coffee cup

Caffeine, creatine and strength goals for women

By Stuff We Like

This is our last Stuff We Like This Week for the year. We’ll be taking the next two Fridays off while the 2015 compilation posts build up and we’ll be back on the 8th with a special next post in this series.

In the meantime, this week we’ve been enjoying reading all about caffeine and creatine, realistic strength goals for women, focusing on results, dealing with bicep tendonitis and how and why you should meditate. Yes, even (and perhaps especially!) you, the guy rowing 120kgs with one arm and benching a small house.

Have a happy holidays!

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The best fitness articles of 2015

By Stuff We Like

It’s already December, which means sooner or later there’s going to be a lot of “Best of 2015” lists and round-ups from this year. We’re already sharing one this week. Meanwhile, this month I’m spending a lot of time with potential partners and investors, so my list this week should probably be filled with work from Sam Altman and various other high profile entrepreneurs and investors. But I’m not sure any of you would enjoy that, so back to our world!

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