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Strong squat

Habit forming, Best of 2016 and Lessons Learned Getting Strong

By Stuff We Like

I don’t know about you, but 2017 felt like it was going to take an age to arrive. And now that we’re back, all of a sudden we’re half way through January and already the gyms are starting to empty out of some of those who made their new year resolutions to get fit and decided perhaps it can wait a while longer.

Not so for your clients I hope!

We start of this New Year with a post on daily exercise habit forming, a round-up of some of the Best of 2016 posts from a couple of well known fitness writers.

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Chicken and broccoli

5 great nutrition resources we digested this week

By Stuff We Like

We’re back after a little hiatus with our regular weekly column. Part of the reason for the break is because I’ve recently become a father (woo yay! I’m pretty tired) but mostly we’ve been very busy behind the scenes and you’ll be able to see the fruits of our labour soon. Expect announcements on our launch product, future services and mobile applications, all for 2016!

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Women's class

Diabetes, group training and raising your VO2 max

By Stuff We Like

Welcome to the end of another week and another Stuff We Like post! It’s already Valentine’s Day weekend (I’m not sure I like how a day becomes a weekend, but there you go), so most of you beautiful people will no doubt have plans. For the record, I’m thinking an excellent Sunday lunch followed by watching Deadpool feels like the right plan this year, whether alone or with your significant other.

For when you’re not busy with fun and romance, we have five entries this week for you to read, covering increasing your fitness levels and why you probably should do, assessing clients in group settings, a straightforward guide to diabetes, a comprehensive glossary of strength and conditioning terms and why you’re probably not growing muscle.

Until next week!

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