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Strong squat

Habit forming, Best of 2016 and Lessons Learned Getting Strong

By Stuff We Like

I don’t know about you, but 2017 felt like it was going to take an age to arrive. And now that we’re back, all of a sudden we’re half way through January and already the gyms are starting to empty out of some of those who made their new year resolutions to get fit and decided perhaps it can wait a while longer.

Not so for your clients I hope!

We start of this New Year with a post on daily exercise habit forming, a round-up of some of the Best of 2016 posts from a couple of well known fitness writers.

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Suspension strap training

How to get the most out of training women

By Stuff We Like

It’s a female specific Stuff We Like This Week and we have a load of great information to share! There’s some excellent information below on how to get the most out of training women in general as well as female athletes, some common strength training myths, carb intake and body recomposition and how to treat yourself in the gym when you’re expecting.

Until next time, hope you’re all enjoying the start of Spring and you have a great weekend!

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