This week we’re having a look at a couple of posts about supplementation, another two posts discussing low back pain and, lastly, how to make your own lifting platform.

In the first of two supplement posts this week, here’s Tony Gentilcore’s short blog post from over three years ago, discussing his overall views on what supplements are (spoiler: they’re “supplements”) and what they’re useful for in the main.

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I’ve recently begun experimenting with Heart Rate Variability training, due in no small part to the excellent work the likes of Joel Jamieson have put out. While most people use supplements for muscle gain and fat loss, in this post Joel discusses supplements that are particularly useful for conditioning, and it’s nothing like your usual “fish oil, whey protein isolate, creatine, etc” article.

You can find it here.

Dean Somerset is an expert trainer, especially when it comes to building a strong core. Here, Dean discusses five valuable lessons learned from working with those with low back pain. Core training is for everyone!

You can find them here.

John Izzo has almost certainly trained more golfers than you. In this short article from four years ago, John goes through the excuses he hears about clients’ lower back pain and discusses first actions for those who suffer from poor gluteal function. A worthwhile read with a worthwhile exercise included.

You can find the full article here.

And, finally this week, a short post discussing how to build your own lifting platform, from Randall Strossen of There’s nothing complicated here, although it might take some effort to find some of the things you’ll need and, if you do a lot of Olympic lifting, this will serve you well.

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