Sleep, weight loss and why you might want to skip breakfast

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This week we’re going in depth with sleeping, some less conventional weight loss tips, why breakfast may make you hungrier and Gary Vaynerchuk on fitness entrepreneurs.

This three part series on How We Are Wired To Sleep from Doc Kirk Parsley (@docparsley on Twitter) is both informative and useful, with a nice description of the mechanisms involved with how we sleep along with practical tips on how to improve your sleep using different methods. Both interesting information to know and useful tips to share with your clients.

How we are wired to sleep and why we have sleep problems – Part 1

How we are wired to sleep – Part 2

Heart Rate Variability and Sleep: How we are wired to sleep – Part 3

Helen Sanders has written a useful primer blog post looking at the stages of sleep, why you need sleep, the negative effects when you don’t get enough and the positive effects when you do, along with some guidelines and recommendations for getting enough good quality sleep.

Why is Sleep So Important to Your Physical and Mental Health

Are your clients missing out on sleep? Bad idea, especially if they have any sort of fat loss goal. Lack of sleep messes with hormonal regulation which can make you hungrier, affects your will power and, if you’re not sleeping enough but still dropping weight, you’re almost certainly not losing as much fat as you could be compared to lean tissue.

Learn more and check out the tips on how to get better sleep here.

You’ll find a million weight loss articles online but this one from The Poliquin Group (@PoliquinGroup on Twitter) is far broader in scope than most, giving a variety of helpful tips for different things to consider that will help you help your fat loss clients more effectively.

You can find the article here.

Intermittent fasting has, over the last few years, exploded in popularity. Martin Berkhan (@Martinberkhan on Twitter) has been at the forefront and here, in this blog post from 2012, he explains his hypothesis in great but relatively easy-to-read detail why eating early in the day may make you hungrier than fasting. Spoilers: Hormones and timing.
If you’re still telling all your clients to eat breakfast early in the morning, this may be another post that (hopefully) opens your mind to other potential ideas.
Learn a lot more about it all here.

Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee on Twitter) epitomises walking the walk and talking the talk. His no-bullshit approach is admired by many and this week he decided to make a short video specifically for fitness entrepreneurs. You should watch it. Put in the work, show the same discipline for your business that you show for your own health and physiques, and good things will happen in time!

Find the video here.