Words of wisdom, book lists, stuffing your face and getting high. We’ve got it all this week!

Michael Boyle (@BodybyBoyle) came out with this list 8 years ago. Some of it is enlightening, some is a little angry, all of it is worth reading.

To my mind, his number 1 on the list should probably also exclude the ARXFit nowadays. And not just because I’ve had an early version of the equipment for years (1st in the UK!); it’s an incredible piece of kit and my clients loved it. Also nice to see Brawn by Stuart McRobert getting some love; Beyond Brawn, the sequel, was my favourite training book when I was starting out as a trainer, over 15 years ago!

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Some of these things may seem obvious but what appears obvious may also get overlooked. Here’s 21 tips for those starting out in our industry from Eric Cressey (@EricCressey), although you’d do well to give them a glance over even if you’re a more seasoned veteran.

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Terry Condon (@coachcondon) takes us through this lengthy list of high quality reading material, all of which will help make you a better coach. Terry is a performance specialist who founded Faction-elite.com – a website for sports professionals, including coaches. It’s an excellent resource – use it!

You can find the list here.

If you’re thinking “but that’s every time I have a pizza”, then you’re not alone. In this short blog post, Stephan Guyenet (@whsource) takes us through his recent extreme eating experience, and discusses how his personal experience relates to how the brain regulates appetite and body fatness, and how the brain reacts to that wonderful, delicious junk food.

You can find Stephan’s blog post here.

And, on a final, slightly lighter note which pairs very nicely with pizza ingestion, here’s a short commentary on a fascinating study that suggest endorphins have little to do with a runner’s high, and actually, it’s more like your body producing it’s own internal marijuana. Which is fun. Allegedly. If you inhale.

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