We’re excited to announce that, starting today, TrainerSync is publicly available to all fitness professionals. Visit trainersync.com/sign-up to create your account and start your 30 day free trial.

TrainerSync is a powerful web application that makes running your personal training business easy and efficient. Manage and train clients anywhere in the world by delivering workout plans online, straight to your clients. Help your clients achieve their goals by complementing your in-person training sessions with online training. Increase your results. Increase your revenue.

We started working on TrainerSync a few years ago, back when our CEO was a personal trainer and needed a solution to help him run his private gym. After the gym was demolished we started to rebuild TrainerSync from the ground up ready for public use.

Since then we built a whole suite of tools to help personal trainers run their businesses more effectively, reduce the time they spend on admin, and maximise the time they spend face to face with their clients.

During development and testing we spoke to hundreds of personal trainers and gym owners – trainers who do online only training packages to gym owners who employ 10+ specialised trainers.

Their feedback has helped us focus. We started again, and it was the best decision we made.

The TrainerSync you see today is faster, more flexible, and more powerful thanks to the conversations we had with trainers from around the world.

How TrainerSync Works

TrainerSync is all about making your job as a personal trainer easier and more profitable. We know admin is boring and repetitive. We know you have two, three, four similar clients. And we know you got into this business to help people and make money, not sit at a desk and stare at spreadsheets.

Everything in one place

Your work diary, complete client records and forms, workouts, nutrition plans and more – all in one place.

Train clients anywhere

Clients get their own accounts and can record any workouts you set them. You don’t even have to be in the same room. They can track their own progress and you’ll get updated every time you log in to the app.

Create workout and meal plans

Build, schedule and track workouts and meal plans for all of your clients. Create workout and section templates to save time, letting you bring together different parts of a workout quickly and easily.

TrainerSync creates opportunities to increase your revenue. It increases your value to your clients. And it does this while reducing the amount of time you spend on admin.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who’s joined us on this journey so far. You’re awesome ❤.

If you’re new and reading this for the first time – you’re awesome, too. Drop us a message and say hello. We love meeting new people.

The TrainerSync Team