Hello everyone!

We want to be as open as we can be with everyone reading this and using our software to manage their fitness business. So this is where we are right now:

We’re taking the user feedback we have been given (we’ll be asking for more soon!) and we’re working on a series of small refinements to make our personal trainer software as user friendly as possible.

If you’re already using our software, you’ll have already seen the Dashboard cleaned up and looking beautiful, with finding your important information much easier and more immediate. We’re also making changes to the way you add clients, and improving the work flow in the Food Log and Workout Builder sections. Meanwhile, the rest of the development team are working on bringing the secondary feature set to life, including the Finances section, Form Builder and Gallery feature.

We’ve squashed nearly all of the bugs we’ve come across up to this point but we’re always on the look out for anything that may have slipped through the cracks, so please do contact us if you find anything going on out of the ordinary, or you have any other feedback to give.

Finally, while we don’t have an official launch date for TrainerSync, we are aiming to be out of beta testing by early 2017. We’re really excited about the work we’ll be doing in the next few months, and look forward to working with many of you in the future.

Thanks for reading,