I don’t know about you guys but nutrition was a big part of the work I did with clients, and it’s all part of a picture that’s a lot more complicated than being told to “eat less” (and move more!).

So this week we’re sharing a comment on an intermittent fasting study, an introduction to ketogenic diets, a detailed look at carbohydrates, whether blood glucose levels affect satiety and hunger and, everyone’s favourite, poop ????!

Martin Berkhan enjoys going through another intermittent fasting study that clearly shows what he (and most other people who have used IF while being somewhat serious about lifting) was expecting.

There’s been quite a few studies over the years (for example here – I’ve had that saved up, mainly thanks to the talk of mums and steak but it’s another positive result for fasting) and the evidence appears to be pretty clear. I recommend everyone experiment with it, as long as you do some research first and actually learn what it is, how you should use it and why you’re doing it!

I feel like I should add so many warnings to this: be more careful if you’re a lady, still eat plenty enough, don’t overtrain but train hard with weights if you’re doing recomposition work… oh you know the deal, right? Explore the topic further!

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The first of two posts from Precision Nutrition this week. They do great introductions to nutrition topics on their blog and this long post introducing the ketogenic diet is no different in that regard. Enjoy.

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Lyle McDonald’s Series on Carbohydrates

Lyle McDonald has written a comprehensive four part series on carbohydrates, with as much detail as you would probably ever want to read about one macronutrient in one sitting. Thankfully, while detailed, each part isn’t too long. One could say it was… easily digestible.


Here’s the links to each part below:

Carbohydrates Part 1: Classification and Digestion
Carbohydrates Part 2: Glycemic Index
Carbohydrates Part 3: Problems with the GI
Carbohydrates Part 4: The Glycemic Load

Stephan Guyenet with a short discussion on blood glucose levels and how they are in fact not related to hunger and satiety in the majority of the population, taking us through another study that dispels that particular well ingrained myth.

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Precision Nutrition again, with an excellent post on knowing what’s going on with your poop, why things might not be great, and how you can go about improving your situation. Something I’m sure you’d all relish discussing with your clients!

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Until next time!