In 2012, I was looking for a software solution to aid my personal training business. I wanted something I could use to track all my client workout and nutrition information and be in a position to easily share that information with my clients. I wasn’t looking for anything too complicated but what I did want was something professional that saved me time and effort tracking these details over time, so I could easily see and show how progress was going.

Disappointed with the options available I started to think about building my own simple online system to help me run my business. Sure, Chris was here to help out part-time, but for some reason he didn’t want to stay here until 10pm doing paperwork.

We began designing our perfect system, thinking about everything we needed to run a small fitness business efficiently, how we could reduce time spent on admin and deliver more value to my clients. After a few weeks of planning we got in touch with a development team and built the first version of TrainerSync.

It wasn’t pretty, but it was a powerhouse of productivity. Development was funded through my PT business, so we had a fairly limited list of features to start with, building things one step at a time. But clients loved it.

From there, TrainerSync as an idea started to really take shape. Instead of simply tracking workouts and nutrition information, we decided to build an entire platform for any personal trainer or private gym to use – to be able to take care of their entire business operation – because it’s what I wanted for my business.

If we opened up this program for others to use, perhaps it would be more worthwhile. After all, I couldn’t be the only trainer out there who wanted to be able to track their clients more easily and was looking for software that didn’t appear to exist.

In 2015 news came down that my gym was going to be demolished for redevelopment. By the end of the year we’d spoken to hundreds of PTs and gym owners about their own businesses, their clients, and what they’d need to be more efficient. Just like us, they saw the potential in using software to streamline their admin.

Since then, we’ve partnered with a new development team and are currently rebuilding TrainerSync from the ground up ready for public use. You can still access our private in-house version if you want to test things out and see what we’re up to. Or you can sign up to our newsletter and we’ll let you know as soon as TrainerSync is ready for public use.

There’s been a lot of people involved in making TrainerSync happen so far but that doesn’t mean we’re resting on our laurels. Post launch, we’ll be adding to the initial feature set with some major upgrades, and will continue ensuring we are making software that you want to use, so we’ll continue wanting your ideas.

Any time you have a question or something you might like to see implemented, let us know, and we’ll take it under consideration and give you our feedback.

We’ll also regularly ask for your most desired items for future development and, again, if enough people want it, we’ll make it happen. The aim is to make your life as gym owners and personal trainers as pleasurable, easy to manage and informative for you and your clients as possible.

That’s it for now. We’re launching later this year, we’ve been working at this for a long time without really announcing anything, and we’re really eager to share TrainerSync with the world.

Thanks for reading. We’ll be back with much more information soon! In the meantime, if you want to know more, drop me an email at – I respond to everyone!

Until next time,