Handstands, high school and getting older

By September 2, 2016Stuff We Like
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This week we’re sharing links to a couple of different series for you to follow and watch respectively, thoughts on how personal training is evolving, things to consider when you’re training younger athletes and why athletic performance declines as you get older. Hope you enjoy!

Crossfit London has a series of blog posts for their 30 day handstand challenge. The blog series starts here and the demand is simple: practice for 30 seconds of active work every day. In nearly every blog post Andrew Stemler gives out another simple tip on how to get better at your handstand. Read, apply, practice!

I’ve been fortunate enough to train at their gym, a few years ago, and Andrew is clearly a man who knows his craft. If you’re local to one of their gyms and enjoy metcons, gymnastics and all things CrossFit, give them a go.

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We know you all know how to squat, deadlift, press, and so on, but it never hurts to hear another professional talk about the basics, especially when that professional is the author of Starting Strength, Mark Rippetoe.

We’ve linked you to their introductory video below, here’s a link to the first post and video on the Art of Manliness website, and here’s a separate playlist I’ve created with all eight of the Rippetoe videos made by Art of Manliness in order.

Here’s the intro to Mark’s series.

A timely article written by Eric Cressey. There’s certainly more money to be made in most instances with semi-private and group training, but that doesn’t mean the one-on-one training ever stops!

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Michael Boyle write a short article here, giving good advice on how best to set up a strength program when you’re training adolescents at school. As youth training grows as a business sector, it’s especially important to remember to get it right with your younger clients.

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An article for all of us, regardless of age. Learn why things start slowing down as you get older.

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