A mix of high quality posts this week, including how to manage your own business growth and your own training, strength training and heart rate variability, post exercise recovery and how much genetics really affects your fitness. Enjoy your weekend guys and gals.

The first post this week is from Pete Dupuis and gives food for thought on what it takes to make your fitness facility the place you want it to be, especially when it comes to additional hires. Don’t rush the process!

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There’s a lot of excellent trainers out there and we know you’re sometimes the last person you get to train. And how often are you really concentrating on what matters when it comes to your own fitness goals? Tony Gentilcore offers some good advice and reasoning as to why you should get yourself a coach.

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Joel Jamieson delivers an excellent two part blog series explaining the basics of strength training, how your nervous system responds to these stressors and how we can use HRV to ensure you’re training the right way every time you train. Say hello to making sure people are training with quality over quantity, goodbye to strength plateaus and overtraining, and help your clients reach their potential!

Find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Kevin Cann has been training with a lot of volume recently and, with it, there’s been a lot of muscle soreness. In this post, Kevin explains how he has changed his training and post exercise recovery strategies to ensure he and his client suffers as little as possible while maximising their performance in the gym and on the field.

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Lifehacker asks how much your fitness is affected by your genes. Yes, plenty of your fitness may be inherited and you probably won’t be the next Mr Olympia, capable of winning the London Marathon or becoming the fastest sprinter on the planet, but you can improve everything across the board a huge amount if you so choose, whatever your genes tell you.

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