A lot of coffee goes in to building our personal trainer software. A lot of late nights. A lot of early mornings.

Most of the time we’re making small changes behind the scenes to make things faster. The other day we moved a button and it changed the whole dynamic of the page. Or that’s what we tell ourselves at 2am, anyway.

Then we wake up, check our emails, and no one cared. Well maybe someone cared, but they didn’t say anything.

But we had a look at the stats. People have been clicking it. They didn’t tell us, they may not have even noticed. It might all be subconscious. But they’re clicking the button in the new position.

This might not sound like a big deal. And really, it’s not. Not this button. But it’s part of a bigger story.

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How do we make improvements?

Improvements happen one of three ways:

We decide to change something because we think it’s better.

This is probably the most common situation. We use the software to track our own fitness. If we don’t like using it, we assume other people don’t like using it, and we improve it. We’ve got a pretty good idea what works and what doesn’t.

We notice people don’t take a certain action on a certain page.

We’ve got some fancy analytics set up. You’ve probably got Google Analytics set up on your website, right? It’s a bit like that. We look at how long you spent on a page, and what buttons you clicked. If it looks like you got lost, or didn’t know what to do next, we try to put ourselves in your shoes and see how we can fix things.

A user asks us how to do something, or reports an issue.

This is the magic. We can look at stats all day. We can see who’s building workouts and creating nutrition plans. But the real value comes from users reporting things themselves. Good and bad.

Give feedback. Get discounts.

Feedback helps us focus on the right things. Feedback helps us make a better app. A better app helps make you a better business owner.

Better business = More money and freedom = Winning ?

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That’s less than it costs for the super digital deluxe version of Destiny 2 on PS4. It’ll probably be more fun too, right? Amirite? Nah, I’ll still be playing it in three years.

Shape the future of personal training

Personal training has changed. Technology has changed. Clients have changed. TrainerSync’s personal trainer software helps you manage and grow your fitness business in the digital age, in a time when clients are glued to their smartphones.

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But software, like body transformation, is always a work in progress. You’ve got goals, you hit milestones along the way, but there’s always something to improve.

That’s where you come in. We want to hear what you think.

Tell us what you like, what you don’t like.

Tell us the white burns your eyes, and the blue makes you sad.

What’s awesome? What did we miss?

We rely on your feedback so we can improve the things that matter. So sign up, enjoy a sweet discount, and help us build the personal trainer software your and your clients deserve.

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