This week we’re covering childhood obesity, testosterone decline, a follow up to our recent deadlift roundup with a complete how to deadlift guide, strength training for dancers and how to train like a fighter.

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Kevin Cann writing about some of the problems we’re currently facing with childhood obesity and the simplest of solutions: move more, more often. While his writing is based on what’s going on in the US, it applies equally to much of the rest of the Western World, especially the UK.

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Keith Norris with a excellent short blog post, reminding you to get your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle in order before considering any other actions if you feel (or know) you have a decline in your “natural” testosterone levels. Key takeaway: use it or you lose it.

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I’m not sure if the title could be any more self-explanatory. If you’re unsure of anything deadlift related, then read Layne Norton’s post and watch the accompanying video.

You can find the post along with the video, here.

I don’t think there’s a sport or physical activity in the world that those partaking in wouldn’t benefit from strength training, and dancing is no exception. Here, Monika Volkmar takes us through a number of really good reasons for why dancers should embrace picking up some weights and training intelligently.

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Workout #1: Cardio, Plyometrics, and Agility Training

Workout #2: Weight Training and Bag Work

Chad Howse’s two part introduction to training like a fighter is a worthy read for anyone interested in learning some basics about preparing fighters (or working out like one yourself!). While this is specifically written for boxers, any fighting discipline can use much of this approach. Part 1 takes you through Cardio, Plyometrics and Agility Training, while Part 2 is all about Weight Training and Bag Work.