Plyometric exercises involve lots of quick, explosive movement to help build strength, speed and power! Often that means jumping, in one form or another.

This week we’re sharing some introductions to plyometrics, example exercises and thoughts around performing these exercises safely. Enjoy!

Brett from The Art of Manliness wrote this introduction to plyometrics a good few years ago now. But if you want to know a little about what plyometrics involve, a brief history, an explanation of the potential benefits and a few example exercises to get you started, all in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee, this is the post to read.

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A second introduction, with a couple of useful videos and some excellent general advice to share with your clients interested in incorporating plyos into their workouts.

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Want to know some more? Worried about ACL injuries, working with ladies or children and want to know if plyometrics are safe?

This short post by Mike on the Deathless Performance blog back in 2012 covers why you shouldn’t be worried, as long as you’re all about technique.

The post also includes another useful video from Kelly Starrett discussing landing mechanics and some useful mobility exercises, which is worth five minutes of your time.

Read and watch here.

Keith Norris muses over the n=1 world we all live in before discussing a study on the effect of plyometric versus dynamic weight training, what takeaways there are for real world application and what you need to consider before and as you add plyometric training into your clients’ routines.

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Miguel Aragoncillo writing for Eric Cressey, with seven further things to consider as coaches when working with your clients using these types of exercises. Some excellent advice.

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