The best fitness articles of 2017

By January 5, 2018Stuff We Like
Man loading weights onto barbell

We’re sharing a couple of Best of 2017 blog posts this year. In this edition, we’ve got a series of Best of Articles from Eric Cressey, along with a Forbes article detailing the best health and fitness apps currently available.

The Best of 2017: Strength and Conditioning Features

In this post, Eric takes us through his favourite Random Thoughts on Sports Performance Training, Random Thoughts on Long-Term Fitness Industry Success (and, if you’re a gym owner and don’t read it already, you should check out Pete Depuis’ excellent blog) and an excellent three part series from John O’Neil on Periodization for Teenage Athletes.

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The Best of 2017: Guest Posts

The best guest posts on Eric’s site in the last year, from the likes of Brian St Pierre, Dean Somerset, Frank Duffy and more.

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The Best of 2017: Strength and Conditioning Videos

Everyone loves videos, and here’s Eric’s best of 2017 with 5 short videos discussing everything from Bench Press Technique to Deadlift Set-up tips.

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The Best of 2017: Strength and Conditioning Articles

And, finally in this montage of Eric Cressey articles, here’s his best Strength and Conditioning Articles of 2017. My favourites are his discussions on filler exercises and assessments.

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Best Health And Fitness Apps You Should Download Right Now

A much broader range of apps than you might expect from us, but it’s always useful to keep on top of digital and app trends in the consumer space as we continue to improve our own software offering over the years. Plus some of these apps might help you sell more of your services!

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