We hope you’ve all enjoyed your holiday break. This week we’re bringing a slightly longer blog post, as we share a few more best of 2015 roundups we’ve seen along with some other gems. Lots of excellent articles to read, experts to listen to and videos to watch, so get stuck in! Happy New Year everyone!

Our first end of the year review comes from Mark’s Daily Apple, where Mark Sisson and his team share a whole slew of great information gleaned from their posts over the last year, casting a wide net over health and fitness, including many exercise posts, various excellent lifestyle posts, recipes and success stories. Well worth a read through.

You can find the post here.

Picking just a couple of “best of 2015” posts from both Eric Cressey and Tony Gentilcore was tough, mainly because they write so many of them each year. We included three year end posts from Eric Cressey here.

The Best of 2015: Strength and Conditioning Articles

Some great articles, including much of interest specifically to personal trainers on assessments and business development.

The Best of 2015: Strength and Conditioning Videos

Eric shares a few videos, mainly based around shoulder health. If you’re having issues with your clients in this area, you should have a watch and see if there’s more you can do to help.

The Best of 2015: Guest Posts

Five posts from various fitness professionals who wrote for Eric’s website last year, discussing training frequency, back pain, and more business development amongst other topics.

And here are my two favourite year end posts from Tony Gentilcore for your enjoyment.

Best Articles of 2015: My Picks

Tony takes us through his seven personal favourite posts from his website in the last year. I particularly enjoyed the women focussed articles.

Best Articles of 2015: Guest Posts

Here’s nine posts from a whole slew of excellent fitness professionals who wrote for Tony’s website this year. Some great information on conditioning, mobility, squatting, deadlifting and nutrition within!

This isn’t a year end round up but a really detailed long post from JC Deen, in which he goes through optimal strategies for working out, goal setting and how that changes your training and then gives a range of different workout schedules for you to try out. I really enjoy his workout writing – it’s clear and concise and covers a lot of ground.

You can find the post here.

It’s the New Year, so of course there’s going to be talk of weight loss. There’s rarely a busier time of the year in the gyms than January but often people forget, or simply don’t know, the reasons they set certain goals for themselves.

Here, James Heathers for Precision Nutrition gives us five great reasons as to why your life could get better if you drop some fat along with some straightforward tips to help achieve your fat loss goals.

Remember, it’s definitely not just about looking good naked or hitting your personal strength and fitness goals!

You can read the full post here.

Mike Robertson shares some of his favourite workout templates to help different types clients with fat loss. Some of these protocols are quite brutal, so tread carefully and take your time with clients working up to the more high volume activities and finishing exercises!

And, don’t forget, it doesn’t matter how much work you do in the gym if your nutrition sucks, so get that right too!

You can read the full post here.

Some year beginning inspiration from one of our favourite trainers on why motivation is overrated and just what it takes to make your fitness goals a reality.

You can find the post here!

A lighter read for all of you out there. An acquaintance of mine helped with this article. Love your work John!

You can find the article here.