We’re often asked about online personal training and why it’s worth thinking about. As a modern personal trainer, online training isn’t just a nice add on, it’s becoming an essential component of your success.

Alongside the obvious perks for you like working from home in your pants, there’s real benefits for your clients, too.

It’s more affordable

Personal training can be an expensive endeavour for the average person. If you charge £40 per session, a client could spend nearly £500 every month if they train with you three times a week.

That’s not cheap but that’s how much you’re worth, right? And you know the value you’re providing could change that client’s life.

With online training, you could charge a fraction of your in-person rate and deliver the same high quality results to your clients. £120+ per month is pretty reasonable, because there’s not a huge time commitment on your side.

With online training software you can build workout templates in advance and make adjustments for new clients to personalise the programme for their needs.

Prevent injuries and guide newcomers

People who can’t afford personal training will probably turn to the internet for answers. “What’s the best training programme?” “How can I lose weight?” “I don’t want to get too big.”

That’s not anywhere close to optimal. Workouts and nutrition plans found on a website, or bodybuilding forum, will not be tailored to an individual’s needs. No one will be around to make sure a new lifter is performing a life with proper form. And the only motivation they have is from themselves.

There’s a lot of great quality information on the internet. Unfortunately, most people don’t know where to look, especially if they’re just starting something new for the first time.

Building up your knowledge takes time. Implementing that knowledge into an effective strategy takes effort. You’ve spent years building your knowledge, crafting workout plans to individuals, and delivering results.

Experienced lifters know, mostly, what to do. Newcomers risk injuring themselves without effective guidance. Online training lets you share your skills with potential clients who need your help the most.

Clients can exercise in their own time

Everyone is busy these days, and time is becoming more and more valuable. Whether your client is an inner city banker, a single parent working two jobs, or a college student in exam season, everyone has other things they need to do, or things they’re rather be doing than going to the gym.

People are busy, and schedules clash. That’s the way things go.

Online training gives your clients the opportunity to exercise whenever they want to. If they like going to the gym at 10pm, great. It’s quiet, all the machines are free, and you’ve built them an awesome workout they can get excited about.

If your client travels for business and can’t make it to the gym? No problem. You’ve got several killer bodyweight routines ready to go that can easily be scaled for any client that can be performed anywhere, with limited time and limited space. Like a hotel bedroom.

Keep clients accountable

Getting fit isn’t just about going to the gym. It’s about making lifestyle changes. You might spend three hours a week with your most loyal clients. That leaves a lot of time in the rest of the week when food looks extra tasty, and cycling to work sounds like more effort than driving.

Online training helps you keep your clients on track with their fitness goals.

Email is great for sending over progress logs, assessments, and other important documents. Text messages or WhatsApp are both useful for checking in and reminding clients to fill in their food diary. And Skype or Facetime can be used to offer an online weekly consultation to every client from the comfort of your own home.

You need to set up some rules, though. It’s important that your clients know they can contact you when they have questions, but it’s equally important they know what is acceptable and what isn’t.

Lunch time photos of healthy meals? Great.

3am photos of post club kebabs? Not so great.

You are, first and foremost, a professional service provider. Being friendly with your clients is cool, but you run a business, and deserve time to yourself. Online personal training software can help you manage your communication and keep your business and private life separate. Clients can send you updates through an app, you can check in on their food diary at any time you like, and you can turn off notifications if you don’t want to be disturbed.

Train clients anywhere in the world

You live in a small town, with one gym, and an ageing population with no interest in deadlifting double bodyweight. You want to train men in their 40s and 50s who’ve let office jobs and desk life get the better of them.

Online training lets you connect with your ideal client wherever they are in the world. They might be your neighbour, they might be on an Australian farm surrounded by nothing but cattle.

Niches, by definition, are small groups. There may only be a handful of potential clients local to you. But that small group gets a lot bigger on the internet, and they’re looking for trainers like you to help them get fit, lose weight, gain strength and get more mobile. Whatever you specialise in, whoever you want to work with, they’re out there, and now you can work with them from the comfort of your own living room.

Position yourself as an expert, provide specific solutions to specific needs. When you write blogs, create YouTube videos and update your social media, always have your model client in mind. Once they see you as a leader, they’ll come to you for advice and results.

How do you get started with online personal training?

While it’s possible to deliver online training via email and spreadsheets, personal trainer software can automate almost every aspect of your business, from delivering meal plans and workouts to taking payments.

TrainerSync can help you manage and grow your online personal training business. Sign up for a free trial today to see how much time you could save.