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February 2018

online payment personal trainer

3 reasons to take online payments in your personal training business

By Business Management

Personal training used to be a cash business. Clients would turn up, get sweaty for an hour, and hand over a bunch of wrinkled £20 notes at the end of the session. Or crumpled $20 bills, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Maybe you’ll hand over an invoice or receipt, but probably not. Maybe you’ve got a safe in the office for all that cash your collecting, but it chances are it just lived in your wallet for a few hours until you got home.

When you’re done training clients it’s time to switch off PT mode and start getting comfy as a DIY accountant, updating your messy spreadsheet with ins and outs and cashflows and expenses and all sorts of numbers you never really intended to master when you qualified as a personal trainer.

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challenge client motivation

3 simple challenge ideas to keep your clients motivated

By Online Personal Training, Personal Training

Everyone has bad days. Everyone gets lazy. So how do you keep you clients motivated when all the really want to do is watch TV?

Setting short to mid term challenges can be a great way to keep your clients focussed on their ultimate goal, without being discouraged along the way.

Clients typically hire trainers for one of two reasons:

1. Decrease body fat
2. Increase muscle mass

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