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January 2018

Email management for personal trainers

Email management for online personal trainers

By Business Management, Online Personal Training

If you’re a personal trainer I’m sure you know what it’s like to have an inbox overflowing with emails from clients.

Old clients who don’t pay you anymore asking you to critique their new workout plan. New clients scared to eat bread because they think wheat will destroy them their hard work. Current clients who forgot when their next session is. And potential clients who have 100 questions about your service but no intention of hiring you.

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clients consultation forms

Get to know your clients with consultation forms

By Online Personal Training

Being a personal trainer is about more than just hitting the gym with your client and counting the reps. It’s about understanding their goals and their hurdles, knowing what their favourite food is, whether they walk or drive to work. But most importantly, it’s about building a positive relationship and rapport.

During your first session with a new client, and even before you start your ‘official’ initial assessment, your client will likely drip feed you some important answers about their work, family, and social life without you even having to ask. Take note, because this information provides a great starting point for your relationship and can shape the following weeks, and months, or workout and nutrition planning.

Having a conversation comes naturally when you’re training clients in person, but what about online personal training?

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