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February 2017

resistance band exercises

Resistance Band Exercises and Protips!

By Stuff We Like

This week we’re sharing a bunch of information on a useful but rarely ever seen piece of equipment at many gyms, the resistance band.

Whatever shape or size the bands are, be they giant rubber bands or long rubber bands with (or without!) handles at each end, they take up little room, don’t cost much, are incredibly portable and useful for all sorts of strength and mobility exercises for a wide range of client types.

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Open for business

By Personal Trainer Software

We’re excited to announce that, starting today, TrainerSync is publicly available to all fitness professionals. Visit to create your account and start your 30 day free trial.

TrainerSync is a powerful web application that makes running your personal training business easy and efficient. Manage and train clients anywhere in the world by delivering workout plans online, straight to your clients. Help your clients achieve their goals by complementing your in-person training sessions with online training. Increase your results. Increase your revenue.

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Working with Beginners

By Stuff We Like

As trainers, many of you will be spending a fair bit of time with people that are, in some way or another, beginners. And we know some of you are beginners yourselves when it comes to training people!

Here’s a series of posts to help with considering their problems, building appropriate programs, concentrating on muscle building, fixing mistakes early on, and things to consider for your own career.

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Kettlebell man

The Turkish Get Up

By Stuff We Like

After our all video post last week, we’re going back to covering just one theme, and this week that’s concentrating on just one exercise, the Turkish Get Up. We’ve only mentioned this glorious exercise once before on our blog and so we thought it time to give this truly excellent exercise a little more love.

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