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February 2016

Strong squat

Squatting, breakfast and vegans

By Stuff We Like

I’ve been away on holiday for much of this week, so I’ve not had as much time for research as I normally would. I did finally get around to reading Deep Water by Jon Andersen, my only regret being that it took so long to get to it. Well worth your time and money.

In the meantime, this week we’re sharing some quality blog posts on muscular growth through squatting, improving your HRV, what to eat for breakfast, primal tips for vegetarians and vegans and how a prominent nutrition blogger eats.

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Gym facility

Technique, trends and owning your own gym

By Stuff We Like

Hello once again – it’s that time of the week where we share the best stuff we’ve read in the last seven days. Today we’re bringing you information on technique, trends in the fitness industry, the best part of owning your own gym, experts and their first workout mistakes and simple ways to lessen stress.

Until next time!

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How TrainerSync was born?

By Personal Trainer Software

In 2012, I was looking for a software solution to aid my personal training business. I wanted something I could use to track all my client workout and nutrition information and be in a position to easily share that information with my clients. I wasn’t looking for anything too complicated but what I did want was something professional that saved me time and effort tracking these details over time, so I could easily see and show how progress was going.

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Women's class

Diabetes, group training and raising your VO2 max

By Stuff We Like

Welcome to the end of another week and another Stuff We Like post! It’s already Valentine’s Day weekend (I’m not sure I like how a day becomes a weekend, but there you go), so most of you beautiful people will no doubt have plans. For the record, I’m thinking an excellent Sunday lunch followed by watching Deadpool feels like the right plan this year, whether alone or with your significant other.

For when you’re not busy with fun and romance, we have five entries this week for you to read, covering increasing your fitness levels and why you probably should do, assessing clients in group settings, a straightforward guide to diabetes, a comprehensive glossary of strength and conditioning terms and why you’re probably not growing muscle.

Until next week!

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