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January 2016

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Back pain, ab wheels, and Best of 2015 Part… 4?

By Stuff We Like

We’re already nearly a twelfth of the way through the year! It feels like January has gone by extremely quickly. While we hope your fitness business is doing record business so far this year, we’ve been busy putting together the final touches to our completely updated workout builder and recorder functions and then we’ll be launching our service for everyone. So we’re extremely busy right now, with a lot of testing and chatting with our beta users, as well as lots of other fitness industry people, so we know exactly how you want our software to work for your business.

If you’d like to get involved at this stage and would like to have a chat with me about the fitness industry and your business within it, do please get in touch by using our Contact Us page.

In the meantime, our Stuff We Like post this week includes one more round up from 2015 (I make no promises that this is the last one. But it’s probably the last one), a list of the best exercises you should be doing, how to make the move from lean to ripped, back pain help and ab wheel core strength development.

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Suspension strap training

The best fitness articles of 2015, Part 3

By Stuff We Like

One more round up from last year this week, along with how to keep lean year round (and not just work your ass off in January and then for a few weeks before your summer holidays), clearing up creatine and caffeine confusion, why insulin probably isn’t the cause of your relentless hunger and what’s good and not so good about Crossfit.

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