More equipment exercise ideas this week! This time we’re talking suspension straps.

These incredibly useful devices come in various guises, the most famous probably being the TRX, and you can make your own for very little money. Whether you’re training one person or a group, suspension strap training is a really useful way to get people working out at their level.

Rather than explain why you should use them (you know these answers by now), we’re sharing different ideas of how to use them, different exercises to try out, and how to make your own, inexpensive suspension straps.

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All the different strap exercises!

We’ve got three(!) videos we’re sharing here – yes, I’m sorry there are some duplicate exercises, but they’re all worth a watch if you need some inspiration!

And, if that wasn’t enough, or you just wanted something you could have on paper or your screen to review, then there’s also this large table of Suspended Bodyweight Exercises from Stack52 to have a look at and download.

TRX Exercises by Andy McDermott

23 Exercises With Homemade Ring – Blast Strap – TRX

TRX & FUNCTIONAL TRAINING: 50 exercises by Coach Miletto

Table of Suspended Bodyweight Exercises 

Suspension strap workouts!

Putting all those exercises together should be simple enough for all your trainers out there, but here’s two workout posts all the same!

The Infamous TRX Workout

The first is a collaboration between John Berardi, Alwyn Cosgrove and Fraser Quelch, which involves a working out four times each week, twice with weights and twice using the TRX. We’ve linked to Phase 1 of the 4 Phase system (the links to move further on are at the bottom of the post.

Give it a go with your clients who want to do something a little different, perhaps away from you at home, where they can use a TRX independently.

TRX Yoga Workout

The second post we’re sharing is a collection of yoga moves aided by the TRX, taking you through a number of different poses in a whole host of positions.

TRX, Mobility and Rehab

Another three posts for this one, this time talking about mobility and rehab.

Biomechanics of TRX Squat Variations

First, there’s Mike Reinhold’s post discussing how he uses the TRX to help his rehab patients, by enabling them to take weight off the squat and, just as importantly, move into positions to either put more strain on and take strain off either patients’ quads or hamstrings.

Coaching the TRX Y Exercise

The second post is Eric Cressey showing the correct way to do the TRX Y exercise, which is a great postural movement (and we’ll be doing a post on posture in the coming weeks, so get ready for that one). Nice, quick and simple.

Improving Shoulder ROM with the TRX

The third post is from John Izzo, where he discusses shoulder mobility exercises and, in particular, an exercise he’s come up with using the TRX that I think is really useful. Give it a go, see how your shoulders feel afterwards, and then try it with your clients and see how they react.

Making your own suspension straps and loads more advice

Ross Enamait has made several video blog posts about using suspension straps. We’ve linked to two here, which link to further within the posts. Watch them all, learn how to make your own straps for only a few £/$/€, watch some impressive athletic performances in the videos and learn a whole load of exercises!

Another Suspension Trainer (With Door Anchor)
Suspension Trainer Update (Slipping Straps)