Become an Affiliate

TrainerSync is a rapidly expanding company and we want you to join us on this journey.
There are sizeable opportunities for the right people to earn a substantial revenue stream from TrainerSync.

How does it work?

You receive 25% of all the revenue you bring into the company. It’s that simple.

If you introduce a personal trainer ($49 per month) to TrainerSync, you get $12.25 each month as long as that trainer stays with us. That’s $147 per year. If a gym signs up through you ($149 per month), then you make $37.25 per month, or $447 per year.

Sounds good so far, right? So let’s have a look at some bigger, and still very realistic, numbers.

30 Trainers

$ 375

every month


10 Gyms

$ 372.50

every month$4470/year

100 Trainers

$ 1225

every month$14,700/year

30 Gyms

$ 1117.50

every month$13,410/year

What can you do to get referrals?

Anything you want, within reason. It’s easier to let you know what we don’t want you to do:

  • Don’t use Google Adwords or any other online advertising system to send people to us.
  • Don’t simply spam email lists and annoy potential customers either. Be thoughtful and respectful of everyone you talk with.

While we appreciate the work of all affiliates to bring in business, we reserve the right to cancel your affiliate membership with us if you break the rules of our agreement. We don’t want that to happen.

Who can do this?

This opportunity is open to all paying customers using our software, and for a select number of privately invited users.

Get Started

The Small Print

For every new Personal Trainer or Gym referral you make, you will receive 25% of that customer’s monthly subscription fee as a discount on your own account’s cost. You’ll continue to receive this discount for every month that referral remains a paying customer – unfortunately if they cancel their account you will no longer receive the benefits.

When you have acquired the equivalent of 100% of your subscription fee in the form of discounts, you will receive TrainerSync for free. For every additional referral over 100%, we will send you money via PayPal.

We think this is a pretty good deal.

Super Affiliates

The Affiliate Programme is open to all paying TrainerSync customers, but there are some people within the fitness industry who might have a larger reach than others.

If you run a blog, newsletter, have a large social media following, or are just super popular, then you might qualify for our Super Affiliate Programme.

If you’d like more information regarding this, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to have a chat with you.